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Sample Thesis Proposals

The following is a sampling of thesis proposals written by MARC students over the last several years. They showcase the range of work our students do, but are also a resource for current students contemplating the thesis option or beginning their own thesis proposals.

Student Thesis Title
Caton, Collette

"Gendered Scholarship:  An Examination of Gender Identity in Academic Weblogs"

Gross, Morgan "To Meet Students' Feedback Requests or Not: A Writing Center Tutor's Prerogative (?)"
Guzman, Gina "Valuing the Ethnic Voice in Writing Center Tutor Training"
McCulley, Mary "A Reflection of Values:  Examining the Creation of Writing Prompts"
Polk, Jonathan "Digital Literacy:  Analysis of Print Novels with Digital Media"
Ramon, Bettina "Composing, Gender, and Composing Gender:  Construction of Female Gender Variance in Online Spaces"
Schiely, Lauren "Sharing Our Stories: Using Narrative Inquiry to Examine Our Writing Centers"
Werner, Courtney  "Negotiating Authority: Age in the Writing Center"