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Once your committee finds your proposal to be satisfactory, they will approve it to be sent to the Graduate College by signing the Thesis Proposal Form. Submit one copy of this form with original or electronic signatures and proposal attached to The Graduate College. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure The Graduate College receives this form. Failure to submit the thesis proposal prior to completing a thesis could delay graduation.You must schedule a meeting with the entire committee to receive their approval on the proposal after they have read it and before you send a final version to the Graduate College.

The Thesis Submission Approval Form documents your committee’s approval of the thesis. You should bring this form with you to the oral defense of the thesis so that committee members may sign and date it if they are in agreement at that time that the thesis has been or will be completed satisfactorily.

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The Comprehensive Exam Form must be submitted to the Graduate College no later than 10 days prior to graduation. The student's thesis chair is responsible for filling out the comprehensive exam form and securing the appropriate signatures when the student has met the requirements for the comprehensive exam.

The Learning Outcomes Assessment Form is filled out online by the committee chair after the oral defense to assess if the student has achieved the 4 learning outcomes of the MARC program. 

The Learning Outcomes Assessment Online Form (Faculty Access Only)