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Texas State University offers several types of financial assistance for graduate students, including assistantships, scholarships, and other university employment opportunities.


The Department of English awards two types of assistantships to full-time students: current graduate students or applicants with fewer than 18 graduate hours are eligible for Instructional Assistantships, while current graduate students or applicants who have completed 18 graduate hours are eligible for Teaching Assistantships. MARC students awarded Instructional Assistantships typically work as coordinators in the Writing Center or as assistants to faculty teaching basic writing. All students awarded Teaching Assistantships teach their own sections of first-year writing.
Current students or those applying to the MA Rhetoric and Composition program in particular are strongly encouraged to apply for IA or TA positions, as these positions involve students directly in the teaching of writing—one of the central components of the MA Rhetoric and Composition degree.
The deadline for IA/TA applications is January 31, 2022 for appointments that begin the following fall.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Both the Department of English and the Graduate College offer scholarships to new and current students. There are multiple scholarships available for MARC students through the English Department. These include:
  • The Thomas L. Brasher Memorial Scholarship 
  • The Ralph and Francys Houston Scholarship 
  • The Mamie Smith Memorial Scholarship 
  • The David Stevens Memorial Scholarship 
  • The Leonard and Elizabeth Wright Scholarship for Future Teachers
  • The Ione Dodson Young Scholarship 
Information about university scholarships, financial aid, and application deadlines can be found on the financial aid section of the Graduate College website.

University Employment

Many MA Rhetoric and Composition students find employment as tutors in the Department of English Writing Center or the Student Learning Assistant Center (SLAC) located in Alkek Library. Writing tutors earn an hourly wage and gain valuable experience working one-to-one with writers from across the disciplines.