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Congratulations! Conference Presentations and Awards

Taylor Belgrade, Keri Fitzgerald, Sol Huerta, and MARC faculty Dr. Nancy Wilson presented “Where Do We Stand Now?: Writing Centers’ Commitment to Linguistic Justice in Digital Spaces” at the South Central Writing Center Association Conference, February 2022.
MARC Graduate Assistant Clarice A. Blanco presented her paper "What Does It Mean to be in an Academic Space that Doesn't Reflect Your Cultural Background? Identidad, Empoderamiento, y Representación Latina in the Texas State MARC program" at the 2022 International Research Conference at Texas State University, April 5-8.
Dr. Octavio Pimentel presented "Empowering Latinx Composition Students: Recognizing their Lenguage y Cultura en la Clase de Escritura (Language and Culture in the Writing Classroom" at the 2022 CCCC annual convention in Chicago, Illinois.
MARC graduate Elisa Serrano presented her thesis, "The Red Pen Cuts Deep: How Paper Feedback on Language Affects Identity & Classroom Relations," at the 2022 CCCC's annual convention in Chicago, Illinois. 
MARC graduate Lea Colchado presented her paper "Autohistoria-teoría as Nepantla: Chicana Epistemology Within Writing and Composition Studies" through her panel "Writing from Nepantla: Poetry, Music, and Autohistoria-teoría as Decolonial Healing" at the 2022 NeMLA (Northeast Modern Language Association) Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.